I made a hearty supper the other night. I cooked some thin spaghetti. Then, I cut up broccoli and red peppers though you can use veggies you like in replacement. I then sauteed them in olive oil. Then I threw in some heavy cream and butter just a tad to make a nice cream sauce. It was delish.



It was a snow day so Rob and I baked homemade bread loaf. It was delish. We gave some to my mother, her boyfriend and my grandmother.

It’s been a long time since I wrote in this blog. Honestly, I haven’t felt inspired by it for awhile. I fell into a blissful slump of cooking healthy yet simple and routine meals. Nothing new and exciting that would keep this blog fresh. A lot happened last year! We redid our 1950s kitchen (pictures to come). I bought a DSLR camera. We started to do some baking, some entertaining and I tried some new recipes for healthy eats. The house is being uncluttered slowly. It is hard now that Rob is in the scrap metal business on the side. He re-opened his lawn service and snow removal company Zink’s Lawns. As for me, I was laid off the synagogue job as office manager. While I look for a new position, I find myself at lose ends. When not cleaning up the house and doing wifey duties, I have put renewed passion into this blog (ie. the new blog header done in Illustrator). I can’t promise this will ever be a great blog but I am holding myself accountable for at least 3 posts a week. I also do the blog Wonderfully Wonderstruck¬†and we are working on a children’s book together something for the middle grades–chapter book kind of thing.

I diced an eggplant into small pieces and sauteed it in olive oil. I made couscous with toasted pine nuts. I plated it with the couscous on the bottom, the eggplant pieces on top and a bit of feta cheese to crown it. Rob thought it was excellent. It was a healthy dinner.

I sauteed swai in olive oil with a little salt and pepper. Then, I sliced and diced a mango, watermelon, and strawberries into a chutney and poured it over the fish. It was a refreshing summer meal now that Memorial Day past. Memorial Day, Rob and I took a ride to Middletown, CT and walked around Harbor Park, got Italian ices and explored. It was a nice walk through Main Street.

Semi-Homemade Pizza

with Boboli crust







My father and stepmother helped us celebrate our 2nd anniversary by taking us out to bartaco. This new restaurant is the new see and be seen place in West Hartford Center. We had a duck rice bowl and different kinds of tacos. We give this joint four thumbs up. It was a bit messy but very delicious. Definitely more of a social place and not a business lunch establishment.



Alexis, Robert



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